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Do You Have the Keys to Your Life?

set of keys with colorful keychain

Dear Friends,

I love keys. They always tell a story and they open doors.

Last week I signed a lease for a new artist space. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had a dedicated space for creation of my own artwork.

front door of art space

It is not a surprise to me, and yet I find it incredibly humorous that the Universe gave me the exact suite of rooms that I sublet from a friend to begin my children’s Art Academy four years ago.

Here’s to all of us, revisiting beginnings and celebrating our strength and resilience.


Wherever you are today, remember the vision for your own life and know I’ll be thinking about you as I create new work. Messages of love and encouragement, visual mantras, and reminders that we are powerful beyond measure.


With Love,

Getting ready to send love to the special people in your life? Make your Valentines stand out this year with museum-quality cards featuring 9 different pieces of my work. They have lifelong appeal – frameable, beautiful miniature paintings for your home or office. These are locally printed right here in Chicago by a small press for individual, handcrafted attention. 

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