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Artist Statement

I paint about love.

I paint about what I want to see, more than I paint about what it is that I do see. Making art is how I embrace the chaos of the world without trying to control it. I paint what I feel, see and experience while focusing on the love. I hope that you find it in my work. I put it there for you.

Primarily a watercolorist who sometimes switches to thinned acrylics, I create large format works on canvas, paper and birchwood.

I love creating vibrant works that are expansive and dense with symbols. Painting for me is always a process of emotional fearlessness. Making art is as essential as breathing for me and I hope that viewing my work allows you too to embrace the chaos of everyday life and remember the miraculous and unexpected moments often ignored.

Beauty is very powerful. It changes the world for the better. I believe in beauty. That’s why I paint.

My work is private collections in the United States, Ireland, France, England, Scotland, Dubai and the Czech Republic.

Materials and Process

Great Works Deserve a Great Foundation

The Paper

Out of the many surfaces availible for fine art, I have always gravitated toward Arches watercolor paper – particularly their 300 gram weight paper. Handmade in France for over 500 years, Arches paper has a beauiful texture and a thickness that stands up the many wash layers in my work. It is made of 100% cotton, acid-free, and one of the best archival papers you can buy. Every time I use it, I think of my time studying in France.

Vibrant Hues That Energize

The Paint

I have experimented with too many brands and types of paints, inks, and dyes than I could name and I find myself always reaching for watercolor. My palete is filled with lusicously pigmented Daniel Smith Artst Watercolor and I have recently added some ever-so-vibrant Qor Watercolor (they have the most stunning fushia). All my paint is professional artist grade ensuring terrific lightfastness and longevity.

The Final Touches

The Detail

One of my favorite parts of my artistic process is returning to the paintng once the layers of watercolor are dry and embelishing the work with a variety of media: watercolor pencils, colored pencils, metalic and iridescent ink, and sometimes even letting nature take over. There is something beautifully freeing about letting a painting dip in the lake and letting the colors naturaly dance and merge together.

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I’m excited to learn more about you and what we can create. We’ll chat and see if this could be the start of something beautiful. Please get in touch and let’s schedule time to talk!

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