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Sky Full of Stars

box full of differently colored paint tubes and art supplies

On Friday nights, when I run an open studio for the children of my community, there’s a beautiful little boy named Leo. Every once in a while, he looks up at me and says, “Miss Maureen, don’t you wanna hear that song, ‘Sky Full of Stars?’”


My answer is always yes. It’s so beautiful to have children who are Coldplay fans in open art studio.

So when I look at the image above, what I see is a sky, full of stars, and a tray, full of paint, in the world of possibility.


I’m settling into my new space and looking very forward to sending you images of new work as it progresses.


My love to all of you as the week unfolds into a magnificent weekend.


Don’t forget that wherever you are, the sky is full of stars.

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